Ken Chu and Kelly Lin rumored to have ended their relationship

We seldom blog about this (almost) forgotten member of F4, but he is in fact one of the most active when it comes to appearing in the Entertainment pages. Appledaily (yes, them again) is back with the latest on Ken Chu

This time it's not about his fluctuating weight or his battle of words with fans who he despises for following him around while he's filming.  The newspapers reported yesterday that his 5-year relationship with actress Kelly Lin (林熙蕾) is over. They two were said to have broken up a month ago.

31 year-old Ken Chu and 34 year-old Kelly Lin reportedly began dating in 2005, which surprised many including their closest friends. They initially denied the relationship, but it became obvious when they were spotted wearing matching outfits and looking out from a window at their home in 2007.

There were even rumors that the two became legally married in Taiwan last year, followed by a low-profile celebration in Tokyo. They were spotted again this May when Kelly Lin drove around with Ken Chu in her car. He was seen putting his hand on her thigh, which was interpreted as a sign that their relationship was still intact.

The couple apparently have contrasting personalities and values which led them to frequent arguments. They were said to have decided to give each "more room" by breaking up. Kelly Lin moved out of their home at the end for June with 4 of their cats and dogs, while Ken Chu will be keeping the two dogs remaining.

Kelly Lin is currently filming in Xi’an and responded with “(We) are friends” when she was asked about the status of their breakup. She declined to comment on whether she has moved out or not. As for Ken Chu, he is filming in Hangzhou and advised reporters to go by whatever Kelly Lin had said. He later wrote on his microblog, “I betrayed you, because I don't know where to start. I betrayed myself, in order to lose you completely. I betrayed my memories, because I don’t want everything to become the past. I betrayed my dreams, in order to keep walking.”

Here's a round-up on the "Road to Break Up"

Dating rumors began to circulate after they worked on the movie The Tokyo Trial.

They were spotted wearing matching outfits while looking out from a window at their home.

He was rumored to have addressed her as “my fiancee” during a gathering with friends in Japan.

They were rumored to have married half a year ago and planned to hold a low-profile banquet in Tokyo. She responded saying it was non-sense.

He was bashed by netizens after calling China his motherland on his blog. She responded, "Other people’s matters, they are none of my business.”

Source: Appledaily

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