Jolin takes top spot in album sales; Yao Yao follows close behind in 2nd

Jolin Tsai is the double champion on this week’s g-music and five music’s album sales chart. Following close behind is Otaku-Goddess Yao Yao’s “Honey” and idol drama actress Ariel Lin’s “A Wonderful Journey”, taking second and third places.

Looks like fans are liking both Yao Yao’s sweet up-beat songs and light ballad styles. She first covers herself in cream for the “Honey” MV, and then releases her second ballad, “Happiness Is Not Far Away”, which is written by Jay Chou. Thinking back, Yao Yao tells us, “I specially made a DV for President Jay Chou to attract his attention and used all my effort to ask him to write me a song. We waited for half a year and he finally wrote me one. I’m so happy!”

After finding out about her good album sales, Golden Bell best actress Ariel Lin expresses in joy, “I didn’t think it would do so well. I’m very surprised and very happy at the same time.” She specially went to London to film the first MV – where she also took a personal break there while she was at it. For this album, Ariel also wrote the lyrics to “紙玫瑰” (Paper Rose), “It’s about a love relationship that ended before it bloomed. The song begins subtly and then it gets more dramatic. It’s a quite a challenge to sing it.”

G-Music album sales chart
1. Jolin Tsai / Myself
2. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey
3. Leehom Wang / 18 Martial Arts
4. Ariel Lin / A Wonderful Journey
5. Chen Wei Quan / Goodbye, Single

Five Music album sales chart
1. Jolin Tsai / Myself
2. Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) / Honey
3. Ariel Lin / A Wonderful Journey
4. Leehom Wang / 18 Martial Arts
5. Chang Yun-Jing / The Opposite Me

KKBOX singles pop chart
1. Della Ding / Onion
2. Yao Yao / Honey
3. Leehom Wang / All The Things You Never Knew
4. Jolin Tsai / Nothing Left To Say
5. Hebe (Tian Fu-Zhen) / LOVE!

Source: Appledaily

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