Jolin covers up her lower body in new MV

Jolin Tsai
is back with her third music video, “Nothing Left To Say” (無言以對). For the MV, Jolin tries out a new style by wearing a long skirt that keeps her covered from the waist down. She giggles, “Maybe after going to my (older) sister’s wedding, I fell in love with long skirts, so that’s why I decided to try it out for this MV. I think it’s quite pretty.” However, Jolin never disappoints as she wears a top that doesn't quite cover the top nor the bottom.

From her photo album shoot to her last MV, “Love Player”, Jolin could not escape the fate of being soaked in water. Even the staff jokes and says to jolin that her album will definitely sell well with the touch of water. In “Nothing Left To Say”, she leans beside a tub full of water and expresses her emotions not by voguing, but by fiercely splashing water.

In addition, the MV director wanted Jolin to hit the male model while in tears. They thought her acting would be limited and wouldn't be able to cry on cue so they got some eye drops just in case.  However, when the cameras rolled, she immediately got into the mood and were crying non-stop while hitting her man furiously. Even the staff members were surprised and commented, “The guy must have felt a lot of pain (from all the hitting).”

Source: Appledaily, NOWnews / Video: warnertaiwan

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