Jolin channels Amit for new album cover image?

Jolin Tsai’s image for the cover photo of her upcoming album, “Myself”, was revealed yesterday. Jolin appeared in a futuristic look wearing a white-colored wig. Fans couldn’t help but think that her new look seems to be rather similar to Amit’s. Warner Music explained, “Jolin has already worn a white wig in her ‘Perfect’ MV four years ago, it’s just that she’s trying a shorter hair style this time.”

Warner Music emphasized that trends are a form of recycling. White, orange, red, and pink colored wigs have all been worn by other stars previously. Warner Music further expressed that Jolin picked white hoping to give her fans a fresh feeling, and definitely had no intention of “copying” Amit’s image. Jolin’s new album was originally scheduled to release today (August 10), but in order to meet the high demands for her pre-order items: Headphones, re-usable shopping bag, and photo album, the release has been pushed to Friday August 13th. (which by the way, is also the same day that Leehom Wang's new album comes out.)

Warner Music will be signing the winner of One Million Star's season 7. Yesterday, Jolin went to the recording of the first episode. In addition to performing her latest single, “Honey Trap”, she also shared her past experience as a contestant, “In the beginning, I participated in singing competitions for fun. My mom would do my makeup and I would get my hair done at the salon. Good thing that I never performed any dancing during the competition because I would have definitely been cut!”

A-Mei as Amit vs. new Jolin image.

More shoulder pad-loving courtesy of Lady Gaga

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