JJ Lin kicks off World Tour 2010 with new song "I Am"

As JJ Lin begins to kick off his World Tour 2010 in Beijing tomorrow, the full version of his tour's theme  “I Am” has recently started streaming online. The powerful track, which was shot with a sunlight-infused black-and-white look, marks the latest musical material since his December 2009 album “100 Days”.

For the shoot of his “I Am” MV, half of ton of sand was shipped in to emulate a desert environment. In one scene, the MV director had JJ immersed up to his neck in sand. As the crew was piling sand onto JJ, sand kept blowing into JJ’s eyes and mouth, so crew members had mineral water and eye drops on standby to aid JJ in case he had sand trouble.

One of the most concerned crew members on set was the make-up artist, whom did not look relaxed as JJ’s make-up was close to getting ruined from the sand. During the shoot, when JJ accidentally got a mouthful of sand during the prep, he shouted to the crew, “Is this a show to all of you?!” The MV director even laughed and joked, “We got the sand from a park next door. Maybe it has dog crap in it,” causing wild laughter to everyone on the set at JJ’s expense.

JJ Lin's "I AM" Track (Full Version):

JJ Lin's "I Am" MV Teaser:

Source: The Liberty Times
Music Source: JJ Lin Federation Overseas

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