JJ Lin goes 3D for upcoming concert tour

JJ Lin’s “I AM” world tour will soon kick off in Beijing at the end of this month. He recently flew to Taiwan for 2 days to film footage that will be played at the concert. To ensure fans the best JJ experience, the production team used a “Light stage” to record his facial expressions. The data will later be used for creating an animated version of JJ with 3D effects.

He became the first singer in Taiwan to incorporate this technology, which was also used in the making of the movie Avatar. Next Media Animation in fact owns the Light Stage equipment and lent it to the production for an undisclosed sum. They have been using it to create animations for the controversial yet hilarious Appledaily Action News.

JJ was dressed in full Light Stage gear along with a swim cap-looking head piece.  He even joked that it made him look like he was going for a swim. Unfortunately, he was drenched in sweats after being “scanned” for 30 minutes by over 300 LED lights from every angle. The power even went out at one point after the building was hit by lightning. JJ wasn't worried at all as he told his staff, “it’s a good sign to be hit by lightning. Ever heard of “as powerful as lightning”? My concert will be unstoppable for sure!”

The production team later moved to another sound stage to film the rest of the footage. Half a ton of sand was brought in for filming in which JJ was asked to fall and roll around on it. One particular scene required him to be buried in the sand while wind blew over his face. He kept getting sand in his mouth and eyes, so staff members stayed nearby with eye drops, saline solution and mineral water in case he needed them. JJ eventually couldn't take the "torture" anymore and asked, “Is this a practical joke TV show?” The director reassured him, “This sand was transported from the park next door, it might even have dog poop in it.”

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Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN

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