Jet Li explains his eye-bulging mystery

Kung Fu Superstar Jet Li was in Taiwan recently to promote his new movie Ocean Heaven. There were rumors that he was suffering from Hyperthyroidism in June, which made him looked exhausted as a result. The star was in good spirits during his 48-hour stay, but his eyeballs were protruding more than usual. He explained, “(I’m) not completely recovered yet, still undergoing treatment.”

At the film’s press conference, Jet Li said he once thought he only had 3 to 4 months to live, as if his life was to mirror the movie. Luckily he received the correct diagnosis from his doctor, he said, “The doctor even told me, ‘Just because Jet Li can fight doesn't mean he won't get sick, (you) should face the illness if you have one.'" He was asked him to refrain from filming and stay home for rest.

Despite his busy schedule, Jet Li appeared to be well-rested and responded with witty remarks. When asked how much longer he will continue his amateur hobby of acting, he said, “You should ask me if I’ll still be alive next year”...

Source: Appledaily

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