Jaycee Chan says his father Jackie Chan's acting can't compare

In his latest movie, “Break Up Club,” Jaycee Chan goes through many hardships to chase after his past love in order to win her back. While promoting for this romance film, which will hit theaters in Taiwan soon, Jaycee proudly exclaims that his acting skills are definitely better than his father and international superstar, Jackie Chan, when it comes to drama. But when asked who’s better at pursuing girls, he giggles, “I need to work harder.”

Jaycee reveals that he started dating at the age of 18 and has been in love four times. After being in showbiz for six years, he already has a cart full of rumored girlfriends. He laughs, “My tactics in pursuing a girl is more or less the same, but times have changed. We have so many different technology and electronics available nowadays.” He explains his dad’s success in winning his mom’s heart, "He probably doesn't treat my mom very well most of the time, but then when he suddenly treats her extremely well for a day, she would be super happy!"  where it's like 1 day of goodness can make up for the remainder of the 364 days.

Jaycee admits that he was turned down by a girl once. When he first started in showbiz, he called her every week. After he pursued her for several months, she rejected him, telling him that they were not compatible and said, “I think you’re only pursuing me because I keep turning you down.” After hearing such words, Jaycee was very mad and expressed, “I never contacted her again!”
 Jaycee's father Jackie Chan and mother Joan Lin Feng-Jiao.

Source: Appledaily

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