Jam Hsiao surprises Yao Yao with Bluebirds

Du du du du du…uh ha~ Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao), who just released her latest album, “Honey”, held a press conference yesterday. She performed on the piano while sing her new single, “Happiness Is Not Far Away” (幸福不遠), which was written by Jay Chou. Yao Yao, who never learned piano before, had been practicing for two weeks just to perform the song. Her record company even made a bet with her whereby if she made any mistakes during the performance, she would have to pay $3,000 (NT). Luckily, she performed the song perfectly. Yao Yao said with joy, “The main point is not the money, it’s face.”

Unexpectedly, Jam Hsiao showed up as the mysterious guest at the press conference to support the Otaku-Goddess. He gave Yao Yao two Bluebirds as a gift, which signified “happiness”. Jam, who previously danced and sang to Yao Yao’s “Love’s embrace” at his concert, also learned and danced to Yao Yao’s “Honey” on the spot, which made everyone suspect the man as being a secret Yao Yao fan.

Jam Hsiao gives thumbs up to Yao Yao...or the Bluebirds.

Happiness Is Not Far Away” (幸福不遠) MV

Source: NOWnews, UDN, Liberty Times / Video: supernicemusic

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