Hebe keeps her solo debut a mystery

The first solo album for S.H.E’s Hebe has been two years in the making, but her company HIM Int’l Music is trying to keep things in secrecy before the big debut. A short video recently surfaced on the Internet featuring an anonymous female singing voice. Many fans quickly recognized it was indeed Hebe because of her unique voice and pronunciation.

Despite it couldn’t be any more obvious, HIM Music denied such claim, “We’ve seen the clip, (we) felt the girl can sing very well, and believe she can come out on top among the female singers this summer.” The video has the description of “a girl who loves to sing, a song that is about love”. It showed a girl with long hair in front of a simple background, but only revealing part of her face. Resourceful netizens began a world wide (web) search and concluded the following:

The song is named “Love?”

The album is set for release in September.

The cover is designed by GMA winner Nie Yong Zhen

Preorder gift is a DVD featuring highlights from her mini concert in March.

As expected, HIM Music denied all of the above. Although S.H.E will continue to tour this year, the company already has plans for expanding their individual careers. While Ella focuses on dramas and Selina on hosting, this might finally be the year when Hebe releases her solo album, which has been rumored since 2008.

Source: UDN, lovesingingga's Channel

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