Fahrenheit's new album cover is too hot to handle

Fahrenheit is feeling the summer heat and they’re cooling themselves by stripping down to their tank tops in a land of icebergs. This badly photoshopped picture is the cover for their upcoming album, “Too Hot”, which will be available for pre-order starting on September 1st.

To display their Fahrenheit icy-hotness, each member has been working out to tone their muscles before the photo shoot. Calvin Chen says that he has quit his habit of eating midnight snacks and does sit-ups and push-ups on a regular basis. Jiro Wang reveals that he works out and swims. Aaron Yan has been jogging for 30 minutes and doing weights every day. Wu Chun, who is already buff enough, has gotten a tan instead.

The image theme for the album is “beauty with less” (clothes); Jiro and Aaron both wear sexy mesh-like tank tops, where even Calvin laughs, “Aren’t these the kind of fish nets that fishermen use?” Jiro on the other hand, pokes fun, “This time, we’re spending the most money on buying clothes with the least fabrics.” Nonetheless, their revealing image style is eye-candy to the fans.

Fahrenheit will be holding their first and only autographing and concert event at the National Taiwan University Sports Center on September 4th for those who have pre-ordered the extravagant version. Their new single, “Too Hot”, (same title as album) will debut on Hit FM radio from August 25th to 27th.

Source: UDN

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