Fahrenheit and ZE:A go for a little “Recalling of the Frightened Soul”

Korean boygroup ZE:A was invited by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau as goodwill ambassadors for a 6-day promotional tour.  They were joined by the members of Fahrenheit yesterday on a visit to one of Taipei's busiest temple, Hsing Tian Kong (行天宮).

Fahrenheit, who are also goodwill ambassadors themselves, introduced ZE:A on the traditions of  visiting a Taiwanese temple. In addition to praying for good fortune, Fahrenheit recommended getting a "收驚" (“Recalling the Frightened Soul”) ceremony done by the old ladies from the temple. It is believed that the soul is comprised of 7 parts “yin” and 3 parts “yang”. While a "balanced" soul ensures healthiness, symptoms of an imbalanced one include random crying at night (think babies) or illnesses. The act of “Recalling the Frightened Soul” is a way of returning of all parts of the soul to where they belong, so balance can be restored once again.

When Fahrenheit was asked about their language barrier with the Korean visitors, Jiro Wang laughed and said they can communicate through body language. Other members added, “English, Chinese. If not then there’s always the translator”.  Among the local delicacies, they said ZE:A enjoyed 潤餅 (Taiwanese Crepe) the most. Their guests also seemed to have developed a liking for ground peanut, as they've been adding it to everything they eat.

ZE:A visited the Taipei 101 and experienced their first foot massages earlier in the day. They will be heading to more tourist attractions including Taipei’s Yong Kang Street (where many famous eateries are located), as well as Kaohsiung’s Liuho Night Market. Footage from their trip will be aired in a 2-part special on the Korean music channel Mnet. It will also be broadcast later in Japan and Thailand. The tourism bureau hopes it will attract more self-guided tourists to Taiwan.

More pics from their day at the temple:

Aaron Yan explains "praying" with body language...

Monga: The Rainbow Edition

Calvin Chen makes sure no one burns themselves at the incense burner...

He also interviewed ZE:A on his show "Japan Korea Music Craze" on MTV.

Source: Appledaily, CNA, Nownews, taiwanpedia, UDN

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