Cyndi Wang dissolves rumor of dating Lee Wei

After the incident of her ex-boyfriend Viter Fan openly talking about their past relationship, Cyndi Wang has been staying low for a while now. A magazine recently reported that Cyndi is currently in a relationship with actor Lee Wei, but Cyndi’s manager later clarified, “They’re just good friends.”

Cyndi’s manager Chang Jia-Rong expressed that Cyndi has many male celeb friends like Jiro Wang, Owdog, Calvin Chen, as well as Lee Wei, who actually lives in the same neighborhood as Cyndi. Lee Wei and Cyndi were recently seen together in Mainland China. Cyndi's manager explained, “In March, they had a discussion over a business partnership, so they were only together for a business meeting. They’re not dating.”

Cyndi has already completed the recording of her new album, but the album will not be released until the end of the year. During this time, Cyndi is taking a break to enjoy life. She recently took her family and her dog to Yilan for a day to celebrate her mom’s birthday. However, Cyndi and family didn’t have much planning for the trip as Cyndi laughed, “After we arrived in Yilan, we lined up for some grilled meat for an hour, and then just went back and stayed in our hotel rooms. We really don’t know how to 'travel' (go to fun places on a trip).”

 Lee Wei is busy filming a new movie in the mainland.

Source: UDN

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