Crowd Lu rocks out at movie theater

Crowd Lu’s first documentary, Morning Rock, premiered yesterday and he also held his mini concert at the Ximending movie theater for the first time. Crowd Lu expressed that he wanted to show his fans his hard work and the behind the scenes of producing his albums, and thus he thought of making it into a movie. Crowd’s father also had many scenes in the movie and Crowd proudly said that his father is as handsome as Andy Lau, where even his fans request to take pictures with his father.

After the movie was shown, Crowd appeared in person before the big screen and sang in front of his fans. One particular song caught everyone’s attention, which was a song called, “Mosquitoes”. Crowd explained that he has a rather unusual relationship with mosquitoes, “Every time I go out with others, mosquitoes would always bite me only. That’s why I wrote this song! But after I finished writing the song, I never got bitten by mosquitoes again.” Then he laughed, “The mosquitoes must have felt my sincerity.”

The tickets to his three day morning rock concert have already been sold out. Due to the positive feedback, the movie theater manager expressed that he’s willing to work with other singers to coordinate concerts at the theater again in the future.

In related news, Crowd recently got accepted to Graduate school.  Fans are happy to know that Crowd won't be drafted for military service so soon yet.

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Source: NOWnews, Appledaily / Videos: ooskye, ChinaTimes

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