Controversy over Yao Yao's remake of Kara's "Honey"

Yao Yao’s first plug “Honey” of her upcoming debut album is a remake of the same titled song by the popular five member Korean pop group, Kara. The single has stirred up many debates among the fans. As previously reported, Yao Yao specially invited big names like Jay Chou, Ella, and Gary Cao to collaborate on her album, yet she decided to promote a remake song instead. Upon the release of the single, an endless verbal war has started among netizens.  Kpop fans criticize that the efforts from Jay and others have gone to waste and that Yao Yao’s version can’t compare to Kara’s, commenting that it has lost its original flavor. On the other hand, Yao Yao fans argue that Kara still hasn’t been officially promoted in Taiwan, so Yao Yao’s remake is simply bringing more exposure to Kara, helping Kara increase their popularity.

Yao Yao’s record label, Seed Music, explains that upon hearing “Honey”, they felt that the song matched Yao Yao very well, so they immediately bought the rights to it. Regardless of the controversy, Yao Yao is also slowly transcending from being purely an Otaku-Goddess to a pop idol, gaining young and working-class fans.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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