Chen Han-Dian: King of the B-List

The most popular B-Lister, Chen Han-Dian (okay, maybe besides the Ah Ken and Na Dou duo), has been working alongside many superstars recently. Han-Dian, who has reportedly earned seven million (NTD) last year, is probably most known as the goofball on the popular talk show, Kang Xi Lai Le. Besides being a regular on variety shows, Han-Dian has also played a serious antagonist role in the hit movie, Monga, and in Leehom Wang’s latest romance comedy, “Love In Disguise,” he plays Leehom’s buddy.

Han-Dian and Leehom in Love In Disguise.

Just several days ago, Queen of Taiwanese (dialect) music, Jody Chiang, also took notice of Han-Dian’s comedic talent and invited him to star in her latest “Tango Tango” MV. In the MV, he plays a janitor who’s too busy peeking at a tango dance class to learn the moves himself. Although the two did not actually tango together, the MV has been well received by fans.

Even Angela Chang invited Han-Dian to appear as a special guest at her concert yesterday as part of her encore act. The two sang and danced to the hit duet, “Worship Happiness”. Angela complimented, “It’s our first time collaborating. I always think that he’s very funny, but he’s actually not bad at singing either and has quite a unique style in rapping.” Han Dian truthfully admitted that he was very nervous, “I don’t have great breathing capacity. When I was singing and dancing, I was afraid of being out of breath, so I’ve been jogging a lot recently.” To prepare for the concert, he even went to ask Leehom for some advice in singing, “He said regardless if it's learning an instrument or singing, we have to first practice it at a slower tempo.”

Han-Dian showed off his rapping and singing skills at Angela Chang's latest concert.

Han-Dian, who has already worked with many superstars, reveals that he hopes to have the opportunity to work with Harlem Yu in the future, “He is my idol. Even if I can only act as an extra in the MV, I’m willing to do it.”

Chen Han-Dian in Jody Chiang's "Tango Tango" MV, directed by Penny Dai

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Source: Appledaily, UDN / Video: divajodychiang

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