Blue Lan offers to hug people for seeing his new movie

We thought only singers would hug their fans in exchange for buying their albums, but it looks like Blue Lan will soon be doing the same in an attempt to promote his new film. Moviegoers who purchased or preordered tickets to see Uma (酷馬) are eligible for a hug from the P.S. Man himself. It’s an excellent deal considering there are much worse people to get a hug from -- like Uma’s director Wang Xiao Di or worse yet, the dreaded Ah Ken and Na Dou.

The new movie is already a hot topic amongst netizens before its release. As part of the promotions, two types of preorder tickets have been made available for purchase. One set features with a “Uma Photobook”, while the other comes with a set of limited edition mutli-color headphones. The much-anticipated “Loving Hug” event will take place this Sunday in Taipei. Fans with proof of purchase can get a “Loving Hug” from the entire cast including Blue Lan, who is expected to be in high-demand.


Source: Nownews, uipkay's Channel

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