Black & White movie expects to start filming in the next two months

A day after the Black & White movie was reportedly in financial trouble, Prajna Works released new photos from the production just in time to refute the claim. Filming was supposed to commence last December, but it has been delayed numerous times due to script changes and their search for mainland investors. The movie's budget eventually doubled from the 150 to 300 million NTD, but a major investor was said to have pulled out after Black & White failed to obtain approval from the mainland.

Black & White producer Chen Hong Yuan denied all the rumors and said they will start filming as soon as the approval comes through. New stills from the production seem to indicate the movie is alive and well. They said the cast has been under intensive training with the movie’s stunt director Cyril Raffaelli. The former martial arts champion has worked with director Luc Besson, as well as acting in movies including District 13 and The Transporter.

Cyril Raffaelli visited several filming locations with director Tsai Yueh Hsun shortly after he arrived. He praised the Kaohsiung Harbor for its beauty and its heavy-metal feel. One of the action sequences will involve Angelababy in a shootout with gunmen on an overpass. The crew was initially concerned if the actress can handle such physically-demanding sequences, but she turned out to have a love for extreme sports and said she looks forward to filming.

The rest of the cast including Mark Chao, Ivy Chen, Ah Ken and the twin brothers from Solar will continue their training as filming is expected to begin in September or October.

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN

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