Behind the Album: A Wonderful Journey - Ariel Lin

Young drama queen, Ariel Lin, released her first solo album, Meeting Happiness (幸福遇見), last year with great success and popularity. Having fallen in love with using music to express her feelings, Ariel came out with her second album, A Wonderful Journey (美好的旅行), on August 21st. Her record company shelled out millions for her to shoot her MV in England. This new album brings new music for her fans to enjoy.

According to Ariel, in these past two years she has had many chances with the release of her two albums. It was almost as if fate had arranged for her to go down a different path. Although Ariel is currently not acting in a drama, the offers have never stopped coming. Recently, she has been looking at many scripts and has been throwing herself into preparations for her newest album release. In addition, the advertisement offers have also been neverending.

Her first album, Meeting Happiness, used "each encounter with you is a beautiful memory" as its concept. Using Ariel's natural style and acting experience, she presented "Simple Music & Simple Life" that everyone in today's society would be envious of. Ariel's warm and fresh image fit very well with the music style of her album. In a modern world where people are more distant, she brought to everyone closer together with a special warmth. As for her second album, A Wonderful Journey, in order present Ariel's mature and beautiful side, and her dream of studying abroad in London, her record company especially collaborated with the famous publishing firm, Kate, spending tens of millions on creating the A Wonderful Journey album and book. Twenty staff members all went together to London to shoot a classical and light cover, and completed the two MVs, "Let's Fall In Love When The Flowers Bloom" (花一開就相愛吧) and "A Wonderful Journey."

In order to shoot in front of Big Ben before people arrived, Ariel had to get up at 3AM and wear a light summer dress in 3.4°C (~38°F). However, she remained strong and presented her best side despite the cold winds. In front of this foreign scenery, a different young woman emerged bringing out the beautiful image of "each encounter with you is a beautiful memory" in the midst of the sea of people.

You can purchase this second album of hers on YesAsia.

Tracklist w/ rough translations
01. 花一開就相愛吧 (Let's Fall In Love When The Flowers Bloom)
02. 你有我 (You Have Me)
03. 紙玫瑰 (Paper Rose)
04. 美好的旅行 (A Wonderful Journey)
05. 百褶裙的夏天 (Pleated Skirt Summer)
06. 謝謝你 (Thank You)
07. 忽然這一秒 (Suddenly, This Second)
08. 誰撿到我的夢 (Who Picked Up My Dream)
09. 天使走過身邊 (An Angel Walked By My Side)
10. 守護星 (Ruler)

A Wonderful Journey MV

Sources: UDN, ArjoeAtAvex@youtube

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