Behind the Album: To Hebe - Tien Fu Chen

Recently, the net has been riled up in discussions over a video featuring a girl singing a simple, yet pleasant, song for 90 seconds. It captured the interest and ears of netizens becoming the talk of hundreds of thousands of people on various portals online; all wondering who she was. With this much talk, the attention of the mass media was also captured. Some guessed that it was Faye Wong's new song, others thought it was a new MC, some even said that she was a newly signed internet singer who a record company had already had their eyes on for a long time. However, even more stuck to the view that the owner of this voice was someone who had long been rumored to be releasing a solo album, Hebe. Turns out, they were right. The owner of the voice was, indeed, S.H.E's Hebe, Tien Fu Chen.

Having loved singing since she was young, Tien Fu Chen used the name Hebe to debut with S.H.E. After being in the music industry for nearly ten years and releasing 12 albums, it wasn't until this year that she finally used her real name, Tien Fu Chen, to release her first solo album, To Hebe. Through her love for music, she was able to be in touch with and appreciate the various types of music, and dip into an extremely wide range of music. Thus, her original intention for releasing this album was because she hoped she could sing with styles that were different from S.H.E's and present the wide variety of music she loved, to everyone. As for the video, turns out it was the shorter version of the lead track for the album, "Love!"

The lead track, "Love!", is a simple yet deep and meaningful song. The contents of the lyrics raise questions pertaining to love. She uses it to express a universal love and the blind spot that can cause people to be unhappy. At the same time, she explains that the answer is to love oneself. When the production team first heard this song composed by Malaysian Huang Shu Hui, they decided immediately to put it into Tien Fu Chen's album. Because the style of the song is unusual, it comes across as a very unique song and is very suitable for the unique individual thoughts and views of Tien Fu Chen. Tien Fu Chen, herself, already really likes "Love!" and feels a great connection to the lyrics, believing that everyone should love him or herself first before having the adequate capability to love others and love the world.

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Tracklist w/ rough translations:

01. Love?
02. To Hebe
03. 離島 (Islands)
04. 沒有管理員的公寓 (Apartment With No Manager)
05. 我對不起我 (I Am Sorry To Myself)
06. 我想我不會愛你 (I Don't Think I Will Love YOu)
07. 寂寞寂寞就好 (Quiet A Bit Would Be Good)
08. 你太猖狂 (You Are Too Savage)
09. 超級瑪麗 (Super Marry)
10. 給小孩 (For the Child)
11. Love!

01. Change My Heart Oh God
02. 懷念 (Reminisce)
03. Save Me From Myself
04. 無言花 (Silent Flower)
05. Not Going Anywhere
06. 330想想你 (330 Think About You)
07. 圍巾 (Scarf)
08. 愛情 (Love)
09. 那天 (That Day)

Love! MV

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Source: UDN, zayin428@youtube

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