Ariel Lin travels to England for upcoming album

Idol drama princess Arien Lin is making her mark yet again in the pop music arena, as she is close to releasing her second album titled "A Wonderful Journey". For her latest music production, the actress/singer was given the financial treatment from mega-music label avex to travel to England in order to add a touch of British flair, while also letting the popular Taiwanese entertainer genuinely appreciate the joys of the wonderful journey that comes in launching one's music.

Last year, Ariel debuted her freshman album titled "Blissful Encounter", where she discovered her growing ambitions as a serious singer. With the August 21st release of her sophomore album "A Wonderful Journey", Ariel said: "This experience of these two years with the release of two albums, it sort of resembles destiny setting me up for another fateful stage." avex is known to have spent approximately US$1.5 million for Ariel's latest album, letting her go to England to film MVs, choose the location of the scenery, as well as promote her new status as avex's pop princess.

Ariel expressed that she wanted the mood of the new album to convey more intimacy, especially for a few of her love songs that describe the emotion of love. After she communicated the overall plan of the album's lyrical style to a veteran songwriter, the result is the final product in her latest album. Pre-orders for her new album have already begun, and the album will come released as two versions: a limited commemorative hardcover edition and a value-priced paperback edition. The former will include a full-color photo book of her travels in England, a bounded frame, and four postcards with portraits of her travels.

Even though Ariel has not been in any idol dramas recently, she has been busy in a constant barrage of endorsements. In addition to endorsing for a supermarket, she has also been endorsing health care products, cosmetics, computer games, clothing, food products, and luxury watches.

Ariel Lin's "Fall in Love as Soon as the Flower Blossoms" MV:

Source: UDN
Photo Source: Apple Daily
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