Ariel Lin spotted at SETTV: possible drama collaboration?

Last Friday, Ariel Lin was spotted at the SETTV building accompanied by her manager Chou Mei-Yu. Her visit sparked many rumors of possible collaborations between Ariel and SETTV on future drama projects.

Ariel has filmed five successful idol dramas for GTV, and during these ten years, she has never stepped into the SETTV building except last year when she went on WQYL (Complete Entertainment) to promote her album. Although Ariel has been loyal to GTV since her debut, many speculate that the rumors of her leading role replacement for the much delayed Extravagant Challenge may have scarred their relationship. Ariel has reportedly been waiting for the drama project for three years and thus, has not filmed another new drama since her Golden Bell win in 2008 for her role in They Kiss Again. Ariel commented that she will leave it up to fate.

As SETTV has been losing many of its popular idols like Joe Chen Qiao-En and Ethan Ruan, they have begun to vigorously look for other currently active idols in the drama scene. In addition to inviting Ming Dao back to film Zhong Wu Yen, even Joe Cheng is helping SETTV to film their online drama, “歡迎愛光臨” (roughly translates to Welcome Love).

Yesterday, Ariel’s manager Chou Mei-Yu expressed that Ariel was only at SETTV for a show recording. Under SETTV's invitation, they toured the building. In regards to whether there is a possibility of Ariel working with SETTV, both sides are keeping an open mind. Chou Mei-Yu also emphasized that Ariel has always been picking her projects based on the script and not the TV network.

Source: UDN

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