Ariel Lin denies writing about Mike He in her book

The popular actress was recently rumored to be jumping ship to SETTV after years of collaborating with its competitor GTV. At a press event yesterday, Ariel Lin revealed there will be an answer by the end of August. Her new photobook A Wonderful Journey was also released last week.

In a piece of writing titled “Regretful Beauty”, she wrote, “Me and You, once wandered in that dazzling love, the mischievous yet elegant you is now far away.” Some questioned if she was referring to her Love Contract costar Mike He, which she denied.

The presently single Ariel Lin said, “(I) never feel bored, but feel lonely once awhile.” When asked if the feelings mentioned in her book referred to a celebrity, she replied, “Maybe!” She worried people would start making associations and quickly changed her answer, “It’s about feelings toward idols, idols are celebrities.”

Ariel Lin said she is in good health and looking forward to take on her next project. She hopes to challenge herself with a complex character. The actress even revealed that she has done many bad things when she was young, “I’ve poked my brother’s hand with a pencil, and tore apart his homework.” Fortunately, the two now have a very good relationship and support each other through hard times.

More recently, a wave of female college students from top schools made themselves famous by showing their skin. As a graduate of National Chengchi University, Arial Lin was asked for her opinion on her juniors. She said, “The style can be changed. Moreover, there can’t be only one style in show business.”

Ariel Lin was also asked about the trend of idols leaving their roots to pursue a movie career. She responded, “I’m happy to see this, one can’t keep playing a teen when they are 30. I believe Taiwanese idol dramas will go through a transition, but there’s absolutely no way they will be eliminated.”

Source: UDN

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