Allen Chao wants Mark Chao to break his shell

No we’re not talking about seafood here… Allen Chao is a busy man these days with his own talk show, as well as a guest appearance on the prime-time drama Rice Family. The proud dad of Mark Chao is apparently too cool for Father’s Day (on August 8th in Taiwan) because as he explained, “Dads don’t worry about Father’s Day! It is a restraint that’s been covered up for a long a time.”

Many are curious of what Mark Chao has planned for Father's Day this weekend.  However, Allen Chao revealed that he actually doesn't celebrate the big day, “I have two sons, and no daughters. Sons are of course closer to their mom.” He said Mark Chao and his mom are so close that they can lie on a bed and chat all night. According to him, there is no such thing as Father’s Day -- It was created because people thought it would be unfair to have Mother’s Day only.

In contrast to what he said, Allen Chao wrote on his blog, “With only a gaze or hug, the hard shell of a father can be broken” and “With just some gentle words, the restraint of a father can be melted.” It appears that he does expect Mark Chao to show his “appreciation” after all.

In related news, Mark Chao and company were thrilled to hear that Monga debuted on TV with the best ratings of 2010. The movie, which was aired on Startv’s movie channel last Saturday, drew an average rating of 2.09% and a highest rated segment of 3.26%. It outperformed other hit movies including Red Cliff II at 1.57% and Ip Man at 1.46%.

Source: Chinatimes, Liberty Times

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