AK gets cozy with exotic reptiles

I’m a slaaaaaaaaaavee 4 u~~ I was secretly hoping to bring you news of AK remaking this Britney classic, but unfortunately that wasn't the case... Anyhow, AK's Andy Chen and Kris Shen have been hard at work promoting their album WOW in different parts of Asia. Their latest stop brought them to Malaysia, in which they shared a very special date with Albino Burmese Pythons. The guys were frightened by these exotic creatures when their manager asked them to cozy up for some photos.  But for the sake of publicity, they realized their inner manhood and wrapped those babies around their necks like they’re man’s best friend.  The two moved on to spend some quality time with a big lizard afterward.

In addition to the python adventure, AK also participated in indoor skydiving training at a vertical wind tunnel. They successfully took flight and were each awarded a certificate. Both members earned high praises from their instructor.

Source: the-sun.on.cc

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