Yun-jing Chang's "love options": boy or girl?

Taiwanese singer Yun-jing Chang has recently released her second album "The Opposite Me", and since filming her "Love's Options" MV with veteran Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang, both Yun-jing and Cyndi have become good friends. Previously, when a media firestorm hit with news exposing Cyndi as having dated fellow Taiwanese actor and now ex-boyfriend Viter Fan, did Cyndi feel she made an error in judgment on her romantic options? Yun-jing nodded, "I hope that she can find someone to make her happy."

As for Yun-jing's own love options, and if she will choose to date a guy or girl in the future? Yun-jing gave a profound response, "I'm also still researching these 'love options'. And if I'm actually the one deciding, other people would also be choosing you." In the end, Yun-jing quipped, "I would actually only choose work now! One week won't pass in Taiwanese time on Auguest or September, and I won't be able to choose. I can only choose restaurants."

Yun-jing's title track "The Opposite Me" emphases that everyone has a rebellious side, and Yun-jing confessed that when she was an elementary student, she got spanked by her grandmother for bringing over several classmates home to play with without permission. Yun-jing was so upset at your grandmother after that, but nowadays she regrets it, especially now that her grandmother is bed-ridden. "I really hoped that she didn't get sick at that moment, and that she could keep on hitting me."

Yun-jing Chang's "Love's Options" MV:

Source: The Liberty Times
MV Source: JingCastlesubs

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