Will Pan not only successful entertainer, but also shrewd businessman

Taiwanese entertainer Will Pan recently accomplished breaking the million dollar profit mark with his side business, including a shop he runs that is located at the site once home to a previous location of Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen's clothing line stores. Opening with a single shop of his own, Will has opened up a new shop that has been approved at a Japanese department store, and has also invested in an online business for women's fashion that resulted in raking in profits many times over. Morever, Will Pan will be launching his own brand named "Undisputed" next month.

Will's current store "New Project Center (NPC)" recently celebrated its anniversay, which was originally one of the locations for Edison's clothing line store "Juice". But since the contract for the original store had expired without being renewed, Will and his friends took over the location. Not only will his store will expand to Beijing, but it recently set up shop in Japan's famous Isetan department store for a limited three-month run selling unique products.

Will said about launching his brand in August and scoping out an online TV drama: "I keep on wanting to have my own brand, but I haven't had the time yet. Not until I open my own store." But he will achieve his dream next month, when he will launch his brand "Undisputed". About selling merchandise at his current store, even though the styles are limited, Will personally participates in the designs which show off his creativity and true self.

What is even more staggering is that Will has been quietly operating his online business site "IVIVI" for the past three years with an initial investment of US$90K, but his investment currently has a market value of over tens of millions of dollars. The position of his website is clearly understood, as it is primarily geared towards fashion that women are interested in, comestics, and skin care products. Will replied, "Someday in the future, I will shoot an online TV drama and will collaborate with a different platform. It will have even more of an effect."

Will's side project has not been a resounding success, but it has nevertheless had an amazing run with the creativity good coming completely from things he likes to do. And although Will frequently travels between his three locations in Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai, Will stated, "My job as an entertainer is still the core of me."

Source: Apple Daily

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