Will Pan confesses falling in love many times, doesn't mind worshipping money

With blind date television shows currently in vogue, even quite a number of celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan have become loyal fans. Last week, while in Shenzhen attending a fan club event as a beverage spokesperson, Taiwanese pop star Will Pan divulged that he himself would love to go on a blind date show. Moreover, Will hopes that he could find a girl who worships money and has a nice reputation, while he stating frankly, "I also hope that I can be with a girl whom has a stable career and will have little struggle for a decade."

Divulged having fallen in love 7-8 times

Will expressed that he hopes to have his new album released by December of this year and said, "My feelings are more heartfelt now, and the love songs (on the new album) will bring out my story. Through my songs, I show my feelings of me going through love. First love, lost love, one-sided love, declarations of love, it's all there." When asked if he's been in love numerous times, Will divulged, "Seven or eight times in my life, I'm getting close to thirty years old. That's normal at that age." When the interviewer pushed on and asked if he has watched blind date television programs, Will said, "Yes, I have. It's because I haven't been on a blind date, and I want to see how other people go on blind dates. Every time the girl turns down the guy (lit., extinguishes the flames), I get so worked up! Actually, I want to go on a blind date show, and I hope the girl doesn't turn me down and gives me some faith."

Regarding girls on those blind date shows that "worship money", Will felt that it is one aspect that results from the show. "I don't think every girl's like that. Obviously, a girl probably wants to be with a guy who has a steady career. I also hope that I can be with a girl who has a steady career and will have little struggle for a decade, but I'm not saying to worship money more. Instead, if you want to be with someone, and if you don't want there to be that much of a hassle, then it's a good thing. Yet, I feel that if you're in a relationship with someone who wants money, it doesn't matter whether you're rich or not. If you're with someone who strives for success, that's more important."

Wanting to play a villain in a movie

Activities that day included traveling out to meet with fans in Shandong and Hubei, which had Will in a good mood. When talking about his recent developments, Will replied that he will be filming another idol drama with famed producer Angie Chai (Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart), with whom he had worked with previously in Miss No Good, while also hoping to work together in the future with fellow Taiwanese actress Sandrine Pinna (Summer x Summer, Poor Prince Taro). "[The new idol drama] will be funnier and different from Miss No Good.  I will act with with a more dynamic personality, and with characters whose lives will have many twists."  Will also revealed that he wants to play a villain the most, because "I've never did any evil deeds before, and I want to experience some for myself in my life."

Will's fan club event was also held the same day as the Golden Melody Awards, a major event in the Mandopop music industry which Will himself has never been nominated before but his good friend JJ Lin has for the Best Mandarin Singer category this year. Will responded quite proudly, "I can't (get myself nominated) because my music's not remarkable, and every award worth caring about is too tiresome. To be honest, me releasing albums for so many years is definitely an achievement for sure."

Translation: Pauli @ CpopAccess.com
Source: sina.com

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