Will Pan and Sandrine Pinna film a not-so-romantic kiss

Just several days ago, Will Pan and Sandrine Pinna were filming the opening for their upcoming drama, “愛∞無限” (roughly translates to Infinite Love). The two were required to perform a romantic kiss. Although Sandrine had previously revealed her admiration for Will, she was full of regret when she discovered that Will actually ate a bowl of braised pork rice just before the kiss. She responded angrily, “Hurry and give me some garlic!” wanting to “repay” Will for his bad breath.

The Asia-Pacific Best Actress has done little to no kissing scenes prior to this. In her previous film, “Yang Yang,” she had a forced kiss with co-star Bryant Chang. Thus, Sandrine revealed that it’s her first time kissing under her own will. She giggled, “This is my actual first on-screen kiss.” However, Will and Sandrine had only met each other for about five times before filming the scene, which made both of them extremely nervous.

Although it was just a “peck”, Sandrine showed her manners by first eating some vitamin chewing gum and even wore some milk-flavored lip balm. Who knew Will would go freestyle and eat his all-time favorite braised pork rice?! When filming the scene, Sandrine’s face turned red, while Will was so embarrassed that he kept causing retakes. Later, Will laughed, “It’s been long since I’ve done something like this (kissing), so of course I would be nervous!”

The drama will follow "Calling For Love" and start airing end of August.

Source: NOWnews

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