What's next after the singing competition?

Singing competition shows are a chance for non-stars to release albums? Ever since the appearance of “One Million Star” and “Super Idol”, many stars have come out from these shows, but only a select few are given a record deal. What happens to the other contestants and what do they move onto after the show?

Left to right: Queen Wei, Miu Chu, and Ye Wei-Ting.

“One Million Star” has crowned six winners thus far and discovered rising stars such as Yoga Lin, Rachel Liang, Yuming Lai, Jane Huang, Jing Wong, and others who have been able to release albums. But since the album industry is not at its best, only season one, two, five, and six are given a record deal as a grand prize. As for other contestants who are left behind, their agency tries hard to find them other opportunities such as performing in stage plays, dramas, concerts or at the pub.

“Super Idol’s” producer Wang Ya-Zhu reveals that contestants who make it to top ten will usually sign an agency contract. Gin Star Entertainment gets to sign with these contestants first, unless the contestant refuses. If the contestant doesn’t obtain a record deal after the competition, Wang Ya-Zhu explains, “We will search for other opportunities. The contestant may like to sing, but he or she may be more suitable to act in dramas.” “One Million Star’s” Ye Wei-Ting (葉瑋庭) and Lai Sheng-En (賴聖恩) have both started hosting variety shows on the aboriginals TV network. Queen Wei (魏如昀) and Stanly Hsu (許仁杰) have acted in an idol drama and Hakka drama respectively. Lin Yu-Xuan (林雨宣) has also debuted in acting with “Story of Time”.

“Super Idol” is currently on its fourth season, but many contestants from previous seasons are still waiting for a record deal, including Wang Ya-Ting (王雅婷), Lin Yin-Wei (林吟蔚), Miu Chu (朱俐靜), Akity Li (黎卉淇), Duan Xu-Ming (段旭明), and others. Manager Luo Guo-Cheng of JTV (友松) expresses that contestants’ chances of getting a record deal are not far off from contestants of “One Million Star”, but during their wait, the company may provide the contestants with acting opportunities, or have them perform in concerts or at the pub. The company also arranges dancing training classes for the contestants.

Source: UDN

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