Tofu girl releases EP and meets Mr. Zombie

Following the footsteps of Yao Yao, the new generation Otaku-Goddess Cai Huang-Ru or more well-known as Tofu Girl, also got a record deal recently. Along with her latest first EP release, her company also decided to push out other Tofu merchandise like mini Tofu girl music dolls, photo cards, and an autobiographic book. How she sounds on the album is another story for another day. Yesterday, Tofu girl held a signing and promotional event for her four newly released products. Within just two hours, her EP and merchandise have already made two-hundred thousand dollars (NT) of net profit, making her manager and record company very happy.

Tofu girl danced and sang her latest single, “Lucky Goddess.” Comedian and non-singer Na Dou also sang with her, “Little Secret Trick” (小秘技) by rapping. Interestingly, to spice up the event, the organizers specially invited a Chinese zombie to appear on stage. Although it gave everyone a fright, it turned out that Tofu girl had once seen a zombie before when she was little.  She then said that her future boyfriend must also believe this story.

In related news, the other popular Otaku-Goddess Yao Yao is currently recording her second album.

Tofu girl performing “Little Secret Trick” (小秘技)

Source: Appledaily / Video: lendes2007

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