Taiwanese artists to counter J-pop, K-pop wave with Japanese concert

As the Japanese and Korean pop music wave invade the pop music market in East Asia, Taiwanese singers are unwilling to show any weakness in response. With Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng and their mega-popular idol drama fame overseas, and with Japan-based Avex's music stars A-Lin, Eddie Peng, Danson Tang, and dance flow leading the charge, these Taiwanese entertainers are planning to hold their concerts at Japan's Asia Music Summit on October 16th this year to counterattack the Japanese music market.

This kind of music concert is rarely seen at such a large scale for Mandopop, as the concert will be held at the prestigious Shinagawa Stella Ball. Following the concert, organizers will plan an original activitiy called Hi-Touch, which will allow fans get up-close and personal with the music artists.

In order to pull this off, idol drama lovers Ariel and Joe trained painstakingly on their singing and dancing skills, with the both of them saying in agreement: "We're in an extremely tense mood. Before, we met with our Japanese fans for the purpose of our idol dramas. Now, we're transforming our identities into singers, and we want to seize that time to practice singing." Their music senior A-Lin is also actively training her lungs and limbs for this concert event.

Dancing specialists Eddie and Danson plan on using their surperb dance skills to capture the hearts of their fans, with the athletic Eddie secretly practicing an all new dance set. Danson, who has not seen his sakura girls (female Japanese fans) in such a long time, frankly expressed that he longed for this kind of large-scale concert, and really wants to have a heart-to-heart change with his fans there.

Prior to this concert of Taiwanese music artists in October, rookie pop group dance flow will hit the stage in the beginning of August as one of the acts for Avex's a-nation concert, a summer concert event that showcases the music label's most successful acts. dance flow will soon be joining a long list of famous Avex artists that have previously performed at a-nation, including previous performers such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, BoA, and DBSK. The two concert events by dance flow this year will provide them with two valuable opportunities of exposure to music audiences, with group members from dance flow expressing excitement regarding this. dance flow's Japanese member Takeshi, who is originally from Okinawa, laughed and said: "Everyone participating at this event are artists whom are greatly adored in Mandopop and their fans. I'm actually the only person who is Japanese, so it feels really awkward. I'm afraid that I'll confuse the fans."

Source: UDN, sina

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