Supermodel Chi-ling Lin films latest Wii ads in trademark "little girl" voice

A new set of commercials featuring Taiwanese supermodel Chi-ling Lin was recently launched, advertising localized Chinese Mandarin versions of products for the Nintendo Wii gaming console such as the highly popular New Super Mario Bros. Wii video game. In that particular video game ad, Chi-ling stares fixated at the TV screen and shrills in her trademark "little girl" voice, "The hat! The hat that can fly! I can fly!" But at the end of the commercials, she plummets to her doom and shows a blushing expression as she bows her head slightly while blinking.

Five days after the commercial first started streaming on YouTube, the number of views from various user channels broadcasting the commercial totaled over 100,000. There is without a doubt that the commercial is hugely popular online, but reactions from netizens have been mixed. While some have criticized the gameplay in the commercial as being staged, others expressed directly that the ad was a cute reaction.

Chi-ling had no opinion about the commercial itself, and was actually more concerned that when everyone plays the Mario game, that they can recall her childish shouts and her lovable and bashful smile will immediately melt the hearts of players to play to victory!

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Source: Apple Daily

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