SS501 member Jung Min Park signs with Sony Music Taiwan

Sony Music Korea made a statement revealing that Jung Min Park of popular Korean boy band SS501 will definitely be signing with Sony Music Taiwan, but that he only signed a contract that's specific only to activities such as music within Taiwan. The Korean branch of Sony commented, "Jung Min Park frequently went to Taiwan on official business due to an online shopping mall that he runs."

Regarding Jung Min's relevant activities in Taiwan, the situation is considered to be normal, and it is currently still undetermined on his position with his Korean management company. Jung Min debuted with the other members of SS501 under Korean company DSP Entertainment, but the members' contracts with DSP Entertainment expired earlier last month.

Since then, SS501 leader and fellow group member Hyun Joong Kim signed a contract with KeyEast Entertainment, whom also manages famous Korean actors such as Hyun Bae Kim, Yong Jun Bae, and Na-yeong Lee. A representative from DSP Entertainment also said, "Park Jung Min still has not signed with any Korean management company now. It obviously includes us!"

Several days ago, DSP Entertainment released a statement commenting on the status of the members of SS501, stating, "Although Hyun Joong Kim signed with KeyEast Entertainment, the remaining four members up to now have not made a decision on where to sign." SS501's Joong Kim currently expressed that he wishes to continue being a DJ for a music radio show, but several members of SS501 were not available for comment due to them traveling on vacation.

While Jung Min has signed with Sony Music's Taiwan branch for his Taiwanese activities, it is unknown when he will sign with a company for his Korean activities. The decision as to whether Jung Min will follow suit with Hyun Joong Kim or stick together with the remaining four members is a matter of no small importance on the future of SS501 as a group.

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Source: Money Talks (South Korea)

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