Shinhwa's Hyesung Shin makes Taipei apperance, attracts 2,700 fans

Hyesung Shin of legendary South Korean boy band Shinhwa recently made a return trip to Taiwan for his fans, attracting over 2,700 fans to cheer him on. In less than two hours, the Shinhwa member netted in US$200 thousand for his appearance. Hyesung's last trip to Taiwan was in September of last year, where he showed off his elegant and handsome face and causing his fans to go crazy. For this Taiwan trip though, the "special guest" sported puffier cheeks and an emerging double chin.

Fans crazy over Hyesung's latest visit

At his international fan gather in in the Taipei International Convention Center to meet with his fans, a swath of pretty girls cheered on Hyesung in unison. When the Shinhwa member appeared on stage and offered to sing his song "Because of You", fans held up signs showing messages of affection and swayed as one while singing along with him.

Hyesung nable to hide double-chin, quickly munches on fast food

Hyesung commented: "It's been so long since I last saw my Taiwanese friends. I can once again see the great mood coming back to Taiwan. I hope I can leave wonderful memories for everyone."

The South Korean singer didn't prepare a Chinese song this time, but he did fans with a cliffhanger response: "Next time I come back to Taiwan, I will definitely sing a Chinese song." At the fan gathering, Hyesung played some question games with his fans as he carried signs written with "Yes" and "No". When he wanted his fans to reply with what drink he most loves to drink? His fans answered that his favorite was beer, creating a happy atmosphere.

While Hyesung had a more slender face in his trip last year, it was readily apparent that the Shinhwa member had put on weight. But this has not caused the South Korean singer to abstain from certain foods, as Hyesung filled up with hambugers and French fries one afternoon during his Taiwan visit. Besides that, Hyesung expressed that he liked eating gourmet food, loved eating Taiwanese cuisine, and that it was a pity to him that his stay in Taiwan is brief, since he doesn't have the opportunity to go sightseeing.

Source: Apple Daily, NOWnews

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