Sandrine Pinna's face turns red from looking at Will Pan's picture

Since his last drama hit series, “Miss No Good,” Will Pan will be returning to film another idol drama. This time, he will be paired with the Asia-Pacific Best Actress Sandrine Pinna (Chang Yung Yung), who is a Chinese-French mix. It has also been awhile for Sandrine since she last filmed a TV series. Thus, upon accepting the role, she began studying it.  And in order to develop her chemistry with Will, she often takes out a photo of Will and looks at it, imagining herself falling in love with him. She giggles, “After a while, my face would even turn red from looking at his picture. And I would also dream about him in my sleep too.”

A few days ago, their new drama, “愛∞無限” (roughly translates to Infinite Love), began styling the characters’ images. Sandrine will be playing the daughter of a wealthy family. For the role, she even cut her hair short despite she has always kept her long hair since high school. Understandably, she was a little reluctant, “I even lost sleep (over the haircut).”

After Sandrine got her haircut, everyone asked Will which hairstyle he likes best. He immediately responded, “They’re both good!” Sandrine commented back, “You’re quite smart, aren’t you? (Now) you won’t be put in a difficult situation (by the media)!”

Source: NOWnews

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