P.S. Man ends with the best ratings of its run

It’s been a rather uneventful run for P.S. Man over the past five months, but the SETTV drama still managed to go out on top this past Sunday. It drew an average rating of 4.96%,, which should set up nicely for Ming Dao and Cheryl Yang’s new drama Zhong Wu Yen to debut next week. Summer’s Desire dropped back to 1.55% after reaching a series-high of 1.86% two weeks ago. Meanwhile, Calling For Love and Scent of Love stayed in the bottom with 0.67% and 0.42% respectively.
P.S. Man's Sonia Sui and Rookies' Diary's Yao Yuan Hao is a couple off-screen.

In contrast to the struggling Sunday idol dramas, Friday night’s Rookies’s Diary remains the most talked-out show over the past few weeks. Average ratings for episode 3 reached a new high with 11.02%, surpassing the highest average ratings of Fated to Love You at 10.91%. Although Rookies’s Diary has yet to top the highest rated segment of 13.64%, it came close last week with 12.97% and is expected to do so in upcoming episodes.

Last but not least, Super Idol also had a big night last Saturday with the final of season 4. The 4-hour long live show got an early start at 8 pm as Harlem Yu’s One Million Singer was preempted. Super Idol drew an average of 3.99% and placed 2nd overall among the competitive Saturday night varieties.

Source: Chinatimes, CNA, Nownews

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