Peter Ho has another "big package"

Peter Ho may be highly successful in the entertainment industry, but does not have the best of luck on the basketball court. After fully recovering from a broken rib on a previous occasion, Peter accepted an invitation to play basketball with his friends yesterday, only to "score" big by busting his left big toe, making it all brusied and bloody. His luck continued as when he went home he managed to trip over a suitcase, splitting open his toenail and reopening the fresh wound. He then received much attention for posting a picture of his injury on his Facebook, captioning the photo "a big package".

Previously when Peter filmed underwear ads his crotch was also famously called "the big package", which also led to his nickname "Big Eagle" by his co-star, Da S. After posting the photo, people wondered whether Peter actually enjoyed the attention he got for his nickname since he had enough sense of humor to caption his picture with the title. In response to concerned fans, his publicist explained that the abnormally large foot in the picture was not due to swelling from his wounds but from the layers of socks he wore, leaving fans to giggle even more that Peter would pretend to have "a big package".

However, even despite his injury Peter made sure to use the opportunity to promote his drama. He joked that because he was "seeing red" from his bloody foot that it was a sign from God that his hit drama "Summer's Desire" would also "become red" (a Chinese expression that means something will become extremely popular), illustrating his immense dedication to being a good producer and actor.

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