No Jolin talk tonight: Jay and Show enjoy friendly game on the court

On July 28th, Taipei Arena played host to one of the stops for the Yao Foundation Charity Tour, sponsored by none other than China's most famous basketball player Yao Ming. The tour featured Taiwanese celebrities and basketball players engaging in some social fun and interaction. As an added bonus with the Taiwanese entertainers, not only did the two squads of Team Jay Chou and Team Show Luo square off against each other on the court, but the teams' namesake players have faced each other off the court as well.  In other words, Jay and Show shared having a history with fellow entertainer Jolin Tsai off-court, and both ended up sharing the fact that they had embarrassing performances on-court. However, Jay outlasted Show this time around, with Jay's squad beating out Show's to the score of 23 to 12.

The "Moving Great Wall of China" Yao Ming brought with him players from the NBA and his personally-financed Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball League (CBL), while also making a request for players from Taiwan's Super Basketball League (SBL) and Taiwan's entertainment industry for some friendly matches. In addition to Jay and Show, the other Taiwanese entertainers that took part also consisted of actor Liu Geng Hong, singer Jam Hsiao, Fahrenheit member Arron Yan, actor/variety show host Yuan Hao Yao, singer/actor Alan Kuo, Nan Quan Mama member Devon, entertainer Wei Wu Yu, and actor Kou Jia Rui. The ten celebrities were split into teams of red and white, with Show exclaiming prior to their match that his team would beat out Jay's by two points before falling short with an eleven point loss.

After the game, Show laughed and said, "23 to 42, it's obvious that Jay lost. It's no problem, I'll do my best again next time!" But Jay quickly replied back, "It looks like that's not the case." Prior to the game, the two of them gave each other the cold shoulder, but things already warmed up with some comedy relief once the game started.

In addition to the friendly basketball match between both squads, there was also a free throw competition during the halftime break as each competitor was given 24 seconds to shoot as many baskets during that time frame. For each basket made, approximately US$500 would be donated to the Yao Ming-sponsored charity. Both Jay and Show carried over their embarrassing performances during the free throw competition though, but in the end the two famous celebrities knocked in seven shots with no clear winner between them both.

Following the fall-out of the Double-J days when Jay and Jolin were a couple, Show's growing friendship with Jolin created a growing rift between the two male entertainers. Nowadays, Jay and Show have warmed up to each other and no longer share any animosity between the both of them, with the two of them even sharing the same spotlight for this event. From the looks of it, there seems to exist a kind of brotherhood bond between them. In the end though, despite the on-court performances being mediocre, the presenter of the event asked that everyone not to be too serious since it was an exhibition match. He further stressed that what was important was that everyone do it for the public good and that everyone have a good time!

Many thanks to the wonderful members over at the Show Lo's International English Forum for sharing the video with the public.  Be sure to head over there to get your extra fix of Show Luo goodness!

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Source: NOWnews, wenweipo
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