Nick Chou successfully attracts 3000 fans to his debut concert

Yesterday, Nick Chou held his “debut” concert and successfully attracted 3000 fans to attend, winning him the chance to release an album with Warner Music. His album will finally be released on the 16th of this month. Like a proud mother, Billie (Nick’s mom and celeb), went on stage to give Nick some flowers, then joked, “I’m Nick’s older sister!” insisting everyone not to call her his “mom,” making her sound old.

Billie thanked Nick’s fans, “He is a newcomer and doesn’t know a lot of people. I’m a stay-home girl, so this is all (happening) because of your power and support to him.” Nick later expressed that he thought he wouldn’t be able to attract 3000 fans and was on the verge of tears before the show began.

Although Nick’s mom appeared on stage, his father watched from afar on the stands (Nick’s parents divorced 13 years ago). Nick’s father did not forget to show his support and commented, “(I’m) very satisfied with Nick’s performance. Billie should be proud of him.” He also revealed that he gave Nick a massager as a present, hoping that it will help relieve some of his stress.

Nick's father was spotted by the media despite he was wearing a mask.

Source: Appledaily

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