Newcomer Bii films MV, misses his mother in Korea

Watch out Harry from Da Mouth, there’s a new Taiwanese/Korean mix in the entertainment industry!

This newcomer, named Bii, released his debut EP on the 7th , has garnered attention from fans for looking like a Show Luo/Daniel Chen/Nicolas Tse mash-up and for daring to have a name similar to Korean superstar Bi Rain.

The 7th was also a significant day for the singer as it was his 21st birthday. His first gift from fans was a large box of condoms, causing him to laugh so hard he tears streamed down his face.

In order to film his new MV for “What can I do”, the director especially traveled to South Korea just to take a life-sized photo of Bii’s mother wearing a traditional Korean hanbok. For the MV, Bii was instructed to sing to his “mother” and “lie” in her arms, causing Bii to cry on set from homesickness.

When asked what he said to his cardboard-cutout mother, Bii shyly replied, “I told my mother her crow’s feet were beginning to show, and that she’s really getting old now, but I still don’t have the ability to carry her burdens for her yet.”

Bii is under Eagle Entertainment and has his own youtube channel. Below is an introduction video(he apparently can speak 4 languages), MV of his first single “Bii my love”, and MV footage from “What can I do”

Source: UDN, Bii's youtube channel

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