New drama Rookies’ Diary debuts with massive ratings

Not much has changed in the ratings for Sunday night idol dramas this past weekend. With the exception of PS Man, which dropped below 4% for the first time since March, it was more of the same for the rest of the field following behind. The real shocker came from the debut of Rookies’ Diary last Friday. FTV's long-delayed drama dominated the competition by pulling in an average rating of 8.58%, with its highest rated segment at 10.36%.
FTV is so excited that they even came up with a new poster (on the left) to celebrate the big ratings.

The drama starring Yao Yuan Hao (How Yao), aka Sonia Sui’s real-life boyfriend, takes a look at the lives of rookie soldiers in the military. It took one year to film and was pushed back from broadcast when FTV chose Night Market Life as its prime-time drama instead. Following the success of its debut, FTV announced that cast of Rookies’ Diary will be featured in the network’s next prime-time drama, Father and Son.

Prior to the premiere, Yao Yuan Hao was pressured by reporters to propose to his famous girlfriend if ratings broke 10%. He was understandably a bit shocked to find out that his drama is rated #1 overall.  However, the actor said he hasn’t made enough money or become famous yet, so he is not qualified to ask his lover to marry him. Sonia Sui responded yesterday, “(When it comes to) liking a person, it doesn’t matter if the ratings are lower than 1%.” She added, “If (he) really proposes based on the ratings, aren’t I too sad!”

Source: Appledaily, Rookies' Diary on Facebook, UDN

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