Nan Quan Mama becomes duo, Jay Chou says, "F***ing cool you can still manage!"

Taiwanese band Nan Quan Mama (NQMM) went on the offense as a "completely new group" with their revamped new look and musical style, prompting the band's manager and famed international entertainer Jay Chou to exclaim, "It's very rare to have this kind of band, having transitioned to the next generation from four people to two people. They can still continue to break through the music industry, while also remaining persistent in their own music theory and wanting to keep on producing." Jay continued by saying, "F***ing cool!"

NQMM's new album "Battling Bach" is the latest music diligently put forth from duo Devon and Yutao, which contains elements of the band's most favorite music genres of hip-hop and rock & roll mixed in with classical music. Devon said, "Even though the strength of dividing work between four people was huge, the strength of cohesion with two people was even greater." The two also joked that the biggest change was that they do not need to split the announced costs in so many way!

At their press conference, the group received blessings from good friends in their inner musical circle such as Jacky Wu, Frankie Gao, Nicky Lee, and especially from Jay Chou and Patty Hou. Yuhao's father also took the opportunity to dress up as Bach and having a piano duel with his son for Bach's "Ave Maria". Yuhao also wrote a song that infused "Ave Maria" with hip-hop beats and produced improvised lyrics to the song for the mood of the press conference.

Nan Quan Mama's "Battling Bach" MV:

Source: NOWnews

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