Ming Dao hires personal stylist to manage his coif for new drama

"The hair” is an extremely important part of anyone’s overall appearance, especially in the case Asian male idols whose careers literally depend on it.  As an idol drama veteran and former boyband member himself, Ming Dao certainly knows good hair goes a long way.  To ensure hair perfection, he has hired a personal stylist to maintain his coif on the set of his new drama Zhong Wu Yen, which will begin airing this Sunday.

Ming Dao reportedly hired a stylist from the famous salon EROS, which normally charges NT$ 25,000 for 8 hours of work on location.  Luckily, the collaboration is being treated as a project so it will cost him approximately 100k per month instead.

Some crew members from Zhong Wu Yen were said to be shocked by Ming Dao's A-list hair treatment. However, his manager stated that they are in fact paying for the stylist themselves, not the production. In addition to hiring a top stylist, the actor has lost 4 kg and spent 400k on wardrobe, in hopes to present viewers with the best Ming Dao-experience.

Before shifting his focus back to Taiwan, Ming Dao has been enjoying success with mainland dramas like Always Smile and Happy & Love Forever. In a recent poll held by Baidu and Sina, he was voted number one in “Top Ten Good-Looking Men in China 2010”, finishing ahead of Han Geng, Jerry Yan and Show Luo.with 825,323 votes.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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