Ming Dao applies "life-saving" CPR on duck

The upcoming idol drama "Zhong Wu Yan" will premiere on TTV and SETTV on July 25th, and the drama's actor Xiao Xuan Xuan has stolen the spotlight. This Xiao Xuan Xian, who is actually a duck, not only swaggers with attention onto the bed of drama's lead actress Cheryl Yang, but also gets CPR from the drama's lead actor Ming Dao.

Since "Fated to Love You" and its dog Baby Ji, idol dramas have started a trend of using animals, such as Anthony from "Easy Fortune Happy Life", Lulu from "Lucky Days", Kang Kang from "Ni Ya Da", and Xiang Cai from "Tian Xia Fu Mu Xin". Nowdays, it's "Zhong Wu Yan" and Xiao Xiao Xuan, and unlike the other animals who are dogs, this one is a handsome white duck!

Xiao Xuan Xuan, who came from a family of farmers in Yilan, Taiwan, is the medium of love used between Cheryl Yang and Ming Dao's characters in the drama. When Xiao Xuan Xuan first arrived, the staff raised it at the the third floor of the outdoor stairs of SETTV's building and labeled it as the newest signed artist, arousing the focus of the staff.

Cheryl especially visits the company to groom its affections as she said with laughter, "I'm just starting to feel a bit anxious, because I haven't raised a duck. Furthermore, my impression of the duck's beak into someone was very painful, but after being in many scenes with it, I got the courage to visit it at the docks. I didn't think that the duck would be obedient and well-behaved, and would let me touch its head. It's very cute."

Cheryl was not the only person to share scenes with the duck, since Ming Dao did as well. He laughed and said, "I had a scene where I helped to give medical attention to Xiao Xuan Xuan. When I picked up the script, I thought it would be a pain and assumed it would be be miserable. How do I save a duck? Afterwards, I talked it over with the director Lin Qing Zhen, and it fell in line with the actions of the main character of the drama. It seemed like I was giving him CPR by rubbing his chest and blowing air into his mouth. I've never done anything like this in my life!"

Source: UDN

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