Michelle Chen appears without makeup as Neutrogena's spokesperson

Many female stars don’t go out the door without makeup, but as the spokesperson for Neutrogena's whitening mask, Michelle Chen appeared at the press conference without any makeup. It no doubt made her a little nervous. When asked which area she pays the most attention to when applying makeup, she said, “Dark cycles. They must be covered up.”

Michelle demonstrated how to put on the whitening mask while performing some yoga moves. She revealed that she likes going without makeup when she’s not working, but it’s the first time that she appeared in public without any makeup. She laughed, “This makes me more nervous than waiting for the award.”

Michelle and Yang You-Ning’s new movie “初戀風暴” (The First Love Storm) will hit theatres in November. Following that, Michelle also has two more movie filming invitations, which makes it seem unlikely for her to return to drama filming any time soon. Michelle has also been nominated for Taipei Film Festival’s Best Actress award for her role in “聽說” (Hear Me).

Source: NOWnews

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