Mayday, A-mei give support to Yun-jing Chang's album success party

Several weeks after the release of Taiwanese singer Yun-jing Chang's latest album "The Opposite Me", the album has gone on to sell over 30,000 copies. In response to the achievement, Jing held an "The Opposite Me" autograph event in Taipei's entertainment district of Ximending to celebrate the occassion.

The day before Jing's album pre-order event on June 27th one month earlier, the Taiwanese singer predicted that her senior A-mei would grab six awards from Taiwan's prestigious Golden Melody Awards. But she didn't think that her words would eventually ring true! Therefore, A-mei formally dispatched two black and white costumed lion performers used from her own previous concert to Jing's event, in order to support Jing and to provide a huge momentum for the event.

Jing held an identical autograph and musical performance event some time ago in Ximending, where the event initially kicked off with cloudless skies before it eventually rained heavily. Due to this, her fans called out, "Yun-jing Chang's album this time will definitely flood with huge sales!" Not even one month has passed since her latest album was released, and Jing returned to the same spot for another event to celebrate the breakthrough of 31,568 of her albums sold. And as soon as Jing sang the Mayday-composed tune "You are the Only One", it quickly starting pouring rain again!

Mayday held a concert in Taichung last Saturday on July 24th, and while there the group sang Jing's single "You are the Only One" off her latest album. In response, Jing said: "I'm very thankful to them also singing this song at their Taichung concert on Saturday! The lyrics to this song are really difficult to memorize. I was memorizing them since four o'clock in the morning yesterday!" Regarding the mood with collaborating with Mayday, Jing happily said: "This song is extremely a pleasure to hear. I'm very grateful to its rock motives, and also hoped before that every album could be produced by a member of Mayday. I even hope that I could work together with their lead singer Ah Shin."

Source: NOWnews

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