Behind the Album: Remember Loved - Peter Ho

"It feels like, at present, I am just a combination of the memories of the past." said Peter Ho, when confronted about his relationships. While most people try their best to forget after breakups, Peter Ho chooses to remember all of his relationships. His "Remember Loved" (我记得我爱过) album, released on June 28th, 2010, was produced under the influence of this idea. Inviting many well known names in the Chinese music scene, it took Peter Ho two years to complete the album. He worked closely with everyone during every step of the album production so that the music would display the closest resemblance to the real face of Peter Ho. Each song represents a state of mind during a relationship -- from being unsure at the beginning of love to the ending of the love. This collection of memories gives us a peek into the relationships of Peter Ho's life.

Having always wanted to work with Vincent Fang (Jay Chou's partner-in-crime lyricist), Peter Ho finally got the chance invite him onto the production this time. Vincent Fang set right to work creating a song exclusively for Ou Chen, the character played by Peter Ho in Summer's Desire. This song, based off the plot of Summer's Desire describes, with delicacy, his remembrance of a deep love the came and went, a love that had already deteriorated and could no longer be called back. He can only step on screen alone, and alone confront the other's cold detachment with an aching heart.

Peter Ho was in awe when he received Vincent Fang's lyrics. Not only do the lyrics for "Remember Loved" parallel the feelings of Ou Chen in Summer's Desire, several of the imagery it describes also invokes Peter Ho's memories of previous series he had been in. The lyrics are in usual Vincent Fang's style, where the each line holds hidden meanings and is filled with touching imagery. Peter Ho complimented him by saying, "It's as if Vincent Fang can read minds." Peter Ho wants to lead listeners into the story of Summer's Desire, to let them feel the heart ache and the emotions within.

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Remember Loved CD Tracklist (w/Rough Translations)
01. 再愛我好嗎?(Love Me Again, Okay?)
02. 香水 (Perfume)
03. 我記得我愛過 (對峙版) (Remember Loved)
04. 想像 (Imagine)
05. 戀愛電話 (In Love Phone Call)
06. 躲不了 (Can't Hide)
07. 一個人走 (Walk by Oneself)
08. 戀人唱的歌 (Song Sung by Lover)
09. 故意不愛你 (Purposely Not Loving You)
10. 彩虹彎彎 (Crescent Rainbow)

Listen to the two versions of Remember Loved:

Version used in series

MV Version

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