Lu Chen performs stunning magic tricks on Kang Xi Lai Le

Magician Lu Chen was invited on the popular variety show, Kang Xi Lai Le, several days ago. He showed off a stunning, glass-breaking magic trick right from the start, which scared host Xiao S (Dee Hsu) so much that she screamed.

Other guests on the show performed sloppy (but somewhat humorous) magic tricks which were enough to annoy both hosts Xiao S and Kevin Cai Kang-Yong. Special guest Xiao Zhong claimed that he had been studying a few years of magic, and confidently told Xiao S and Kevin that he could bend a spoon. While the show continued its recording, the staff went to fetch some spoons at a nearby restaurant. Xiao Zhong then confessed that he could only bend one if it was a prop. Hosts Xiao S and Kevin made sure they didn’t let the opportunity slip away and asked if Lu Chen could bend a real spoon. Without hesitation, Lu Chen said yes. Lu Chen bended the spoons effortlessly, and left everyone in awe. Both hosts confirmed that it was not originally in the show’s content nor rehearsed.

Lu Chen certainly had more magic tricks up his sleeves. He later performed a card trick and his latest, string magic trick - where he swallowed a piece of string and pulled it out from his stomach...

[Eng Subs] Lu Chen's glass breaking trick

[Eng Subs] Playing cards trick

String trick

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