Lu Chen dazzles audience with magic on Variety Big Brother

After four weeks of teasers, the long awaited episode of Lu Chen performing his string cutting throat magic trick on Variety Big Brother was finally broadcasted last weekend.  The show successfully reaped in 3% in ratings, rebounding from 1.93% the week before.  If the pictures of Lu Chen performing the trick were enough to give you a fright, the video will do no less.  Being playful as always, Lu Chen asked host Chang Fei to feed him a piece of candy to prove that he did not tamper it. After he swallowed the candy, he explained that it was stuck mid-way in his throat. He miraculously took the candy out of his throat with the use of a string.
Many people believe that poker cards magic tricks are the most simplistic and easiest to perform,
but Lu Chen believes that they are also the most complicated.

Lu Chen performed a second magic trick with poker cards. He placed the stack of cards on a glass cup, and never touched it again from start to finish. He asked a member of the audience to pick a card (nine of clubs) and asked another member to pick a number from 1 to 52 (49). He then asked special guest and singer Lu Yao to flip over the stack of cards one by one until she reached 49.  By everyone's surprise, nine of clubs showed up on the 49th card!

Surely two magic tricks weren’t enough to satisfied the audience as everyone shouted, “Encore!” as if they were at a music concert. Host Chang Fei asked curiously, “Do people actually ask for an encore at a magic show?” Lu Chen immediately replied, “Yes, I even had to prepare three encore segments at the Beijing stop…and I sang on the last part.” While falling into laughter, Chang Fei continued to ask what song he sang and believe it or not, Lu Chen responded that he sang The Phantom of the Opera. Like opening a can of worms, the audience called out for Lu Chen to sing (instead of performing magic). But Lu Chen will save that for his magic shows to be held in August.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Source: Appledaily, chinatimes / Videos: sugoideas

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